We provide the framework for endless possibilities . . .


* Do you struggle to maintain separate systems for your sports and racing businesses?


*Worse still, do you have to make a choice between offering racing or sports?


* Are you forced to settle for an incomplete menu of bet types?


* Do you expose yourself unnecessarily by accepting wagers without updated risk information?


* Is company growth hindered by having to limit your product offering to retail cash wagering only?


If so, Rapid Tote EPOS is the solution youve been waiting for.


Our account wagering back-end is Internet and telephone call center enabled and easily connected by Internet TCP/IP to remote EPOS wagering terminals.


We make it possible for your customers to bet on just about anything (sports, horse and dog racing) from pretty much anywhere (online, by phone, at a kiosk, at a teller).



Features include:


* Account and cash wagering ready. One platform handles EPOS, telephone and Internet wagering.


* Scalable architecture designed to operate smoothly over slower Internet connections.


* Supports a virtually limitless number of wagering terminals.


* Accepts both sports and racing wagers from one terminal. All wagers, regardless of location origin, are real time processed by your central Risk Management module.


* Offers the flexibility to choose from several ticket printers and bar code readers. One easy to maintain multilingual, touch screen terminal houses the order-taking software as well as a sports and horse information video display system.


* Provides a full suite of retail administration tools, including multi-level tax configuration, retail agent maintenance, and a multicurrency cash reconciliation system that can be remotely monitored.


Streamline Your Operation

Do the math: One terminal, plus one fully integrated Point of Sale system, equals greater market opportunities and as a result, increased PROFITS.


Each Rapid Tote EPOS terminal is multi-function capable, with the ability to serve as both a sports racing wagering station and an 8-channel video display server.


With over fifty fully customizable utilities, the management functionality is amazing, and includes sports wagering, horse wagering, voids, with the built in capability of expanding into lotteries.


And there’s more. Our EPOS Administration module allowes OTB and Bet shop operators to remotely monitor activity, whether at a regional, retail shop, or even at an individual wagering terminal level.


Standard to our EPOS Management application are a number of EPOS management reports, several of which can be run right from the EPOS station, reducing communication time and effort between Operators and their Retail Agents.


Complete cash management/reconciliation tools insure Operators and Agents always know cash on hand and cash positions at the start and end of every business day.



Complete Sports and Racing Bookmaking Back Office


Information from our EPOS system updates directly to our wagering back office. This robust bookmaking module can handle huge amounts of information, meaning no sampling of information to ascertain wagering risk.


And because Rapid Tote EPOS back office centrally tracks in real time every bet placed at every EPOS wagering location on the system, our clients always know the exact amount of their system wide exposure at any given moment.


Rapid Tote EPOS wagering system is a true enterprise solution, providing a transparent line of communication to all wagering locations. We supply a consistently reliable, ultra-secure information link between the central bookmaking office and every retail location within its operation by establishing real-time, two-way communication.




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